D Series

Discover the ultimate tanning ledge pool experience with the D Series. Designed to cater to both adults seeking relaxation and kids wanting to splash and play, this pool offers a new dimension of backyard enjoyment. With its spacious rectangular design, there’s plenty of room for play, float, and unwind to your heart’s content. Embrace the fun and games as you create lasting memories in your very own D Series pool.

M Series

Searching for a contemporary design that combines fitness and entertainment? Look no further than the M Series. This pool is an ideal choice for hosting evening parties after a fulfilling workout. Featuring a perfect swim lane, inviting tanning ledge, and spacious benches, the M Series caters to both relaxation and active play, accommodating individuals or a large group. Safety is prioritized with hand-crafted, non-skid textures integrated into the ledge, steps, and pool floor.

Whether you’re looking for a space to host a party, engage in playful activities, or swim laps, the open interior and dedicated swim lane offer versatility throughout hot summer days and evenings. Additionally, the thoughtfully designed seating areas create an inviting atmosphere, perfect for taking a break and enjoying the company of friends.

R Series

Looking for a spacious pool with clean lines? The R Series embodies the harmony of both functionality and style. Relax in style with this generous seating area and enjoy a great space for the entire family to relax together. Add optional spa jets for the ultimate therapeutic experience. The wedding cake-style steps of the R Series are specially designed for easy entry and exiting of the pool.

With your safety in mind, all R Series pools have handcrafted, non-skid texture integrated into the surfaces of the ledge, steps, and pool floor.


Are you looking for a blend of timeless design and fun features? The L36 is the perfect choice. It offers a spacious tanning ledge, an open pool interior, and ample seating area, making it the ideal option for those seeking both relaxation and enjoyment.


Introducing the T40, the perfect deep end fiberglass pool for those seeking a spacious and comfortable swimming experience. With its 6′ deeper depth compared to most fiberglass deep end pools available, it offers an enhanced sense of immersion. The seating area is thoughtfully designed to accommodate the whole family, allowing for moments of relaxation and socializing.


The X36 has it all! With a rectangular pool design, integrated spa, and tanning ledge, this pool is the epitome of relaxation and entertainment. Not to mention, it’s auto-cover ready, adding convenience to your pool experience. The integrated spa ensures a seamless installation process while maintaining a seamless and cohesive aesthetic.

Whether you want to unwind in a submerged lounger or entertain the younger crowd in the shallow waters, this pool is designed to meet all your relaxation needs. The X36 is the perfect choice for creating lasting memories and enjoying a luxurious pool experience.

VL Custom

Vinyl liners allow for a quicker construction process, meaning you and your family will be swimming in your new pool in no time. The easy-to-clean surface also saves you time on pool maintenance.

Vinyl liners stand out as the most popular pool option, offering a wide variety of colors and patterns for you to choose from. This allows you to find the perfect design that enhances water features and complements your landscaping. Additionally, vinyl liners are highly versatile and can easily accommodate pools of any shape and size.

Included With Every Pool

4' Concrete Border

Variable Speed Pump

Filtration System

Electrical Hook-Up

Ready to Build Your Pool?