Pool Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid: Keeping Your Pool Crystal Clear


Your backyard pool is THE summer oasis, offering endless fun and relaxation. But to maintain that sparkling water and inviting environment, proper maintenance is crucial.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid so you can keep your liner pool crystal clear all season long:

1. Skimping on Skimming and Brushing: Surface debris like leaves, insects, and sunscreen film can quickly cloud your pool water and clog your filter. Regularly skimming the surface with a net removes debris before it settles and decomposes. Brushing the pool walls and floor helps loosen dirt and algae, allowing the filter to trap them. Aim for skimming daily during peak usage periods and brushing at least twice a week.

2. Chemical Miscalculations: Maintaining proper water chemistry is vital for a healthy, clear pool. Common mistakes include using the wrong chemicals, neglecting to test the water regularly, and over- or under-chlorination. Our pool partner Pools of Fun has 5 Customer Care Locations that offer pool water testing.  Adjust chemical levels as needed and as indicated by the Pools of Fun team members, also following the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific pool size and products.

3. Forgetting About Your Filter: The filter is the workhorse of your pool, trapping dirt and debris from the water. A clogged or dirty filter reduces its efficiency, leading to cloudy water. Clean your filter cartridge or backwash your sand filter typically every one to two weeks during peak usage.

4. Neglecting Water Circulation: Proper water circulation ensures even distribution of chemicals and prevents stagnant areas where algae can thrive. Ensure your pool pump runs for sufficient hours each day. The recommended runtime varies based on pool size, temperature, and bather load, but generally, we suggest 24 hours a day in Indiana during the summer months.

5. Ignoring Early Signs of Trouble: Don’t wait for your pool water to turn green before taking action. Early detection of problems like algae growth or pH imbalance can be easily addressed. Watch for changes in water clarity, color, or odor. Test your water regularly and adjust chemicals promptly to nip issues in the bud before they escalate.

By following these tips and establishing a consistent maintenance routine, you can avoid common vinyl liner pool mistakes and ensure your backyard oasis stays crystal clear and inviting all summer long. Remember, proper maintenance not only keeps your pool looking beautiful but also protects the liner and extends its lifespan. If you’re unsure about any aspect of pool care, consult us at Indy Discount Pools or with our pool partner at Pools of Fun. With a little effort, you can keep your vinyl liner pool sparkling and ready for endless summer fun!